Programming Guide

DELUXE $36.95- Locals,Networks,Learning,Variety,Music,Sports,News,Lifestyle,Kids.

THE WORKS $52.95- Deluxe plus The Movie Package


Locals $8.95/mo.
All the best local channels from coast-to-coast. Enjoy the freedom of Time Shifting between all time zones. Enjoy up to five different start times for network shows. 

CTV - Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary/Edmonton, Vancouver CTV with prime time shows such as "ER", "Ally McBeal", and "Spin City". Plus great day time programs like "Dini", "Gabereau Live" and "Canada AM", plus World Beat News. 

Global Television - Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Global offers the best US and Canadian entertainment, with popular series such as  "Frasier", "The X-Files", "Seinfeld" and "Traders". With the advantage of time shifting you can catch your favourite shows earlier on Global's Toronto feed. 

CBC Television - Atlantic, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver
CBC is Canada's national broadcaster, featuring the best in Canadian drama series, mini series, movies, "Hockey Night in Canada" plus local news and special events. 

SRC - Montreal and Vancouver
Canada's national French-language broadcaster, bringing you original Canadian programming,  movies, and NHL Hockey. 

Enjoy CTV's great programming lineup from an Atlantic Canada perspective. 

ASN - Halifax
ASN provides movies, local news and community programming. Catch the hottest morning show on television in Atlantic Canada - Breakfast Television. You can catch your favourite  prime time shows an hour earlier than Eastern Standard Time, because ASN broadcasts from Halifax. 

A French-language station with a mix of current top rated US shows plus the best in French programming. Catch "Chambres en ville", the most-watched series in Quebec television  history. 

CFMT - Toronto
Multicultural Programming and much more 

TVOntario - Toronto
Ontario's public, educational English-language broadcaster with innovative children's and curriculum programming, and in prime time, high quality arts programming, drama, Canadian and international documentaries, and the world renowned "Saturday Night at the Movies" - with Elwy Yost. 

CBC Newsworld - Halifax
Comprehensive, compelling live coverage of major news events throughout Canada and abroad, 24 hours a day, supplemented with informational programs covering business, finance,  sports, entertainment and fashion. 


ONTV - Hamilton
ONTV is the place for news and information in Hamilton, Halton and Niagara. Popular US  and Canadian prime time programming such as "Suddenly Susan" and "Madison", plus NHL  Hockey. 

The spirit of Calgary! Now part of the WIC family, CICT was the first television station in Calgary and still strives to provide a mix of quality entertainment straight from the heart of Western Canada. 

ACCESS - Alberta

Television for Albertans that is real and relevant. A-Channel gives viewers a new, fresh way of seeing Alberta's people and communities along with a good look at the rest of Canada and the world. 

ITV - Edmonton
Prime time is a winner with hits like "Nash Bridges", "Suddenly Susan" and Canada's own "Madison". With ITV broadcasting from Edmonton, catch your favourite programs two hours later than Eastern Standard Time, because ITV broadcasts from Edmonton. 


First Nations, Inuit and Metis people share their stories on this national television network dedicated to programming by and about Aboriginal people for all Canadians.

Knowledge Network - Vancouver
BC's educational broadcaster, with spectacular children's life-action and animated programming, popular cooking shows and documentaries. Knowledge broadcasts 65 hours  a week of curriculum based programming for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12, post-    secondary students, teachers, parents and industry. 

RDI - Montreal
The first French-language, all-news channel in North America, providing Canadians with 24 hour, coast-to-coast coverage. 

NTV - St. John's
St. John's, Newfoundland, CTV Affiliate Newfoundland's Five Star Television Network. Enjoy your programs 1.5 hours ahead of Eastern time. 

Galaxie - Toronto
30 channels of music the way music was meant to be heard - CD-quality sound, completely commercial and announcer free. A wide range of musical genres, from Classics to New Country to Rock. 

CJRT fm - Toronto
CJRT is a non-commercial, music and educational radio service. 

CBC - Toronto
Canada's national radio broadcaster, featuring both CBC fm and CBC am in English and French. 

CBC Radio Two

XVU 199
Bell ExpressVu's own information channels. Find out what's new and what's coming 

Saskatchewan Communications Network - Regina 
SCN presents a collection of educational and instructional programs covering a variety of  topics from nature and the environment to tai chi and car repair. 

Cable Public Affairs Channel-English & French (CPAC)- Ottawa 
Cable Public Affairs Channel, or CPAC, is our window on Canadian public life, with  proceedings of the House of Commons, and a wide range of public-issue shows. 

The Shopping Channel - Toronto
Canada's only national, televised shop-at-home service offers anytime, anywhere shopping. 

FAN 590




CJOH: CTV Ottawa 

CBRT: CBC Calgary 


Networks $6.95/mo.
Bell ExpressVu offers you EXCLUSIVE two feeds of all four American networks (NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS).This is a Bell ExpressVu exclusive that lets you Time Shift. 

CITYTV - Toronto
Citytv is your NewsMoviesMusic station with original programming such as "FT-FashionTelevision" and "Startv", as well as bringing you favourites such as Friends and  Seinfeld. Citytv also has Great Movies twice-a-day, everyday. 

NBC - East & West
Sports fans love weekend afternoons on NBC with "NBC Inside Stuff" the PGA, "Sportsworld" and College and NFL Football. Prime time programming offers shows such as "ER", "Mad About You" and "Law and Order". 

ABC - East & West
Hit prime time shows such as "NYPD Blue", "20/20", and "Prime Time Live". ABC offers great sports coverage with "ABC's Wide World of Sports". 

CBS - East & West
Catch David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and hit shows like "Chicago Hope". News and  information coverage includes "60 Minutes", "48 Hours" and the "CBS Evening News". 

FOX - East & West
Follow the FOX. A leader in innovative programming, FOX features "The Simpsons", "The X-Files", "Baywatch", plus the NFL and NHL. 

Sports $7.95/mo.
The biggest and the best. 

TSN - Toronto
The Sports Network is your best source of sports and sports information, featuring live events, special interviews and a nightly sport desk report that summarizes the major sports news of the day. 

WGN - Chicago
More than 200 games a year featuring the Chicago White Sox, Cubs and the Bulls. Film lovers will find more than 50 hours of movies, plus classic series such as “Perry Mason” and “The Honeymooners”. 

The first 24 hour network devoted to cars, boats, planes and motorcycles. Everything from  NASCAR racing to high performance flying. If it moves fast, its on Speedvision - catch it if  you can! 

The Golf Channel - Orlando
Learn to improve your game from golf's very best. See legends like Arnold Palmer and hot new talents like Tiger Woods. Enjoy detailed coverage of more than 70 golf tournaments each year 

Headline Sports - Toronto
All the sports, all the scores, all the time, updated every 15 minutes. A real-time ticker and  in-depth features put you on the fast track with the latest news from the world of sports. 

Outdoor Life - Toronto
Scale sheer rockfaces, raft the Grand Canyon - experience the thrill of extreme sports. Outdoor Life is devoted to maximum enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

CTV SPORTS NET 1, 2, 3, 4
All the games, all the stats, all the stars on CTV's premier sports channels. 

Learning $3.95/mo.
A world of discovery at your fingertips 

TLC - Washington, DC
The Learning Channel is devoted to programs that teach and enlighten, with shows such as "TLC Presents" and top rated specials. 

PBS - East & West
America's public broadcaster, featuring quality programming for the entire family. Enjoy award-winning programs such as "Nova", "Wall Street Week", the acclaimed "Newshour with Jim Lehrer" and the best watched PBS programs "Mystery" and "Masterpiece Theatre". 

Vision TV - Toronto
Canada's multi-faith network with programs of inspiration for all. Prime time programming includes "Highway to Heaven" and "Lets Sing". 

Discovery Channel - Toronto
Entertaining, informative and interactive, the Discovery Channel is dedicated to top-quality documentary programming with a focus on nature, science, technology, adventure and world  cultures. 

History Television - Toronto
The intrigue and depth of Canadian and World History is yours. Fascinating stories of   famous people and events and riveting documentaries give you a glimpse into the events and times that shaped our lives. 

Canadian Learning Television - Toronto
Entertaining and informative, CLT features great educational programming of interest to all viewers. Whether you need to upgrade your skills, get a job, find a new career or develop new interests, CLT has it all. Television that gives you credit. 

COURT TV - New York
Court TV provides 'gavel to gavel' coverage of U.S. civil and criminal trials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Court TV's programming covers the judicial process with full, objective reports of the proceedings from attorney commentators. 

Crossroads Television System (CTS) - Burlington 
Family friendly television with entertainment, documentaries and specials in tune with a  Christian lifestyle. 

Kids $3.95/mo.
Quality kids programming that's not always just for kids. 

YTV - East & West
Canada's first youth-targeted network, YTV is an energetic, family-friendly mix of comedy, drama, adventure, animation and classic movies. With on-air interaction, in-studio participation, kid focus groups and on-line feedback - YTV gives kids a voice. 

Teletoon - East & West
If you love animation, Teletoon is the channel for you - featuring classic cartoons, computer  animation and claymation. It's fun for little kids, big kids and adults. 

GAME SHOW - Burbank, CA

Family Channel - East & West
A must-have for children of all ages, with the warmth and wonder of Disney programming plus exclusive series, movies and specials. Fun, entertaining and commercial-free, Family Channel is perfect for the whole family. ExpressVu offers a second feed of Family Channel time shifted until 7pm Eastern Standard Time, so you have a second chance to catch most of your favourite shows. 

Treehouse TV - Toronto
Canada's first network dedicated to preschool children. From the team that created YTV, Treehouse is a commercial-free network featuring popular Canadian and international preschool programs. Available on ExpressVu until 6pm Eastern Standard Time. 

Variety $5.95/mo.
A range of entertainment that suits your different interests. 

Showcase Television - East & West
Each night, enjoy high quality drama, international comedies, adult-oriented international film festival  movies plus, the best in Canadian drama series and movies. An alternative to traditional programming for the discriminating viewer. Get a better view. 

A&E - New York
Arts and Entertainment is all entertainment, with popular drama series such as "Law and Order" and "The Agatha Christie Mysteries" plus the award winning flagship A&E series "Biography". 

Bravo - Toronto
Canada's 24 hour English-language "NewStyleArtsChannel" for viewers with a taste for more complex television. Great live performances, intelligent feature films, dynamic videos, challenging documentaries and "TV Too Good for TV". 

Comedy Network - East & West
Canada's own Comedy Network offers non-stop laughter with the award-winning comedy of "Saturday Night Live" and "The Larry Sanders Show". See the world's best stand up comics and all-time favourite British series like "Fawlty Towers". 

Space - Toronto
The place for all your favourite sci-fi series and movies. Be prepared to have your imagination transported to new galaxies with classics like the original "Star Trek" and  favourites like "The X-Files". 

TNN - Nashville
If you love country music, country videos, country lifestyle programs, interviews with  the hottest country stars and terrific cooking shows, you'll love The Nashville Network. 

PRIME - Toronto & West
As 'Canada's Entertainment Network', Prime provides a solid combination of  award-winning dramas, lifestyle and current affairs programming, documentaries and movies, all catering to Canada's baby-boomer generation. 

News $4.95/mo.
The only way to know what's happening as it happens. 

CNN - Atlanta
The leader in international news, 24 hours a day. In-depth coverage of news from around the globe, including live interviews with world leaders. This Turner company also features top shows like "Larry King Live", "Style" and "On The Menu". 

STAR - Toronto
Star! The Entertainment Information Station is the ultimate source for behind-the-scene features of major movies, exclusive interviews, and extensive live coverage of Awards, Premieres and Galas. Star! features the glitz and glamour of the worlds most exciting business. 

CP24 - Toronto
CP24 offers late breaking stories in Southern Ontario and abroad. The enriched screen offers up to the minute updates and news, stock information, weather and traffic at a glance. Vibrant, immediate and viewer friendly news, 24 hours a day. 

CTV NEWS Net - Toronto
Canada's only network dedicated solely to news - seven days a week, 24 hours a day with outstanding reporting on top local stories from 25 affiliated stations around the country along with national and international news. 

CNBC - New Jersey
Throughout the day, CNBC sets the standard for up-to-the-minute business news and  incisive analysis of global financial markets. During prime-time, the network presents broad-based news, talk, interview and entertainment programming. On weekends CNBC offers talk, entertainment and adventure programming. 

Headline News - Atlanta
News from around the world, updated every 20 minutes. 

BBC WORLD - England
As the BBC's 24 -hour television news and information channel, BBC World provides in-depth news and analysis on the hour every hour along with world business reports, British lifestyle programming, documentaries and current affairs programming. 

The Weather Network - Montreal
A national network providing in-depth regional, national and international weather information and forecasts. Canada's most reliable and accurate source for immediate weather information. 

Report On Business Television (ROBTV) - Toronto 
ROBTV, Canada's Business News Network, devoted to all aspects of business and finance, with a tight focus Canadian market news. 

CJAD-AM: Montreal 

Music $2.95/mo.
What's your listening pleasure? It's all 'hear'. 

MuchMusic - Toronto
Canada's music station. MuchMusic delivers a constant flow of eclectic music videos, event television and speciality programs, plus late-breaking news on the worlds of entertainment, fashion and popular culture. 

MuchMoreMusic - Toronto
MuchMoreMusic is Great Music on Television, delivering 24 hours a day of Adult Contemporary, light rock, classic hits, Soul, R & B, as well as some Reggae, Jazz  and New Age music videos, plus music-oriented information, entertainment news features and concerts. 

A must have for New Country music fans. CMT is Canada's only 24 hour country music television service, with hot music videos, entertaining programs and specials. 

The first and only Black-owned television network, BET showcases an exciting mix of  culturally diverse music videos and performance specials, news and public affairs, movies, comedy and sports. 

Q107: Toronto 

Classical 96 FM: Toronto 

POWER 97: Winnipeg 

NEW ROCK EDGE 102: Toronto 

COUNTRY 105: Calgary 

Lifestyle $3.95/mo.
Relax, tune into something that truly reflects who you are. 

Life Network -Toronto
The channel with health, fitness, food, gardening, how-to and financial advice and a number of exclusive Life shows such as "What's For Dinner". "Martha Stewart Living" is seen daily. 

FOOD - New York
Recipes, demonstrations, conversation - if it has to do with food, it's on Food Network. Familiar faces include Emeril Lagasse, master chef and New Orleans restauranteur on "Emeril Live" as well as "Two Fat Ladies", two of the largest characters to ever emerge on the food scene. 

HGTV - Toronto
HGTV is the resource for home and gardening enthusiasts who can't seem to get enough information about these subjects that they are so passionate about. It's also the only place in the world of television where Canadians can feast on ideas to make their homes the best      they can be 24 hours a day, whether they live in an apartment, a condo, a cottage or a house. 

WTN - Winnipeg
WTN programming keeps women and their families entertained, involved and in touch. Enjoy compelling dramas, riveting documentaries, hilarious comedy and relevant lifestyle and information programming. 

The Health Network (Brought to you by FOX) is the most reliable, comprehensive and  personalized source of health information on television and the Internet. It's the network people turn to for answers to their health concerns, as well as the guide for leading a              well-rounded, healthy and productive life. Backed by the leading health website on the  Internet at 


Movies $19.95/mo.
An endless supply of blockbuster hits on your own silver screen. 

For subscribers in and West of Manitoba, plus all 3 territories. 

TMN - 1,2,3,4 - Toronto
With four channels of blockbuster Hollywood hits, original comedy, the best of HBO programming - TMN has it all. Uncut and completely commercial free, TMN features more movies than HBO, Showtime and Starz. For subscribers East of Manitoba. 

MoviePix - Toronto
The best movies from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Catch your favourite movies again the way they were meant to be seen - uncut and commercial free. For subscribers East of Manitoba. 

MOVIE MAX - Edmonton
The best movies from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Catch your favourite movies again the way they were meant to be seen - uncut and commercial free. For subscribers in and West of Manitoba, plus all 3 territories. 

WPIX - New York
This New York superstation features 50 Yankee games a year, plus pre-season football with the Giants and Jets. With 35 hours a week of movies, 45 hours of kids programming, comedy series and variety shows, there is something for everyone. 

TBS - Atlanta

WSBK - Boston
This superstation from Boston features the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. Each week WSBK showcases hours of box office hits and movie classics on "The Movies Loft", along with interviews with the stars and information on the film industry. 

KTLA - Los Angeles
This entertainment capital superstation has more than 40 hours a week of great movies, plus comedy, drama and kids programming. National League fans will enjoy 50 Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games a year. 


After Hours $15.95/mo.
Adult programming. 

Playboy - Beverly Hills
Playboy is for those adults who want sophisticated, adult-oriented programs. Movies and special events that explore sexuality, nudity and adult themes. Must be taken with Movies, The Works or Le pop-corn géant. 

Chinese Special $19.95/mo.

Fairchild Television - East & West
Cantonese And Mandarin speaking viewers will enjoy a mix of live news from Hong Kong, special movies and local news coverage from Vancouver and Toronto. 

South Asian Special $14.95/mo.

Asian Television Network
Asian Television Network features news, entertainment, movies, sports and special events for viewers of South-Asian origin. Enjoy a variety of programming in Punjabi, Hindu, and other languages. 

Italian Special $9.95/mo.

Telelatino - Toronto
A network for Italian and Hispanic speaking viewers with almost 50% of its programming from R.A.I. International. Telelatino offers viewers music, entertainment, news and lifestyle programs, plus over 90 soccer games per year. 

German Special $14.95/mo.


The Weather Network - Montreal
A national network providing in-depth regional, national and international weather information and forecasts. Canada's most reliable and accurate source for immediate weather information. 

French Networks $1.95/mo.

Télé-Québec - Montreal
A commercial free French-language network focusing on discovery, youth and cinema. 

TQS - Montreal
A French-language station with news, sports, general entertainment and made for TV movies. If your favourite team is the Montreal Canadians or the Expos, you'll be glad you have this station. 

TFO - Toronto
TFO is Ontario's non-commercial, educational French-language broadcaster. Prime time viewing includes "PANORAMA", Ontario's only daily French-language public affairs program, plus documentaries and the world's great film classics. 

Canal Savoir - Montreal
Canal Savoir offers unique French educational television with programming which consists of over 50 educational series.

L'Assemblée nationale du Quebec (Quebec Parliamentary Channel) - Quebec L'Assemblée nationale du Quebec brings you the proceedings from the centre of political life in Quebec.

Le Casse-Croute $6.95/mo.

RDS - Montreal

CANAL VIE - Montreal

NOUVELLES - Montreal

MétéoMédia - Montreal
A French-language national network providing in-depth regional, national and international weather information and forecasts. Canada's most reliable and accurate French-language source for immediate weather information. 

TV5 - Europe
The best of French-language programming from around the world, with 85% of the programming from Europe. News, entertainment, game shows, documentaries, travel shows, plus six daily newscasts from Paris. 

Le Pique-nique $6.95/mo.

Canal Famille - Montreal
Featuring French-language children's programming at its very best, directed exclusively at children up to 14 years of age. Non-violent, entertaining and completely commerical-free. 

Teletoon - Edmonton
If you love animation, Teletoon is the channel for you - featuring classic cartoons, computer animation and claymation, all in French. It's fun for little kids, big kids and adults. 

Canal D - Montreal

MusiquePlus - Monteal
Canadian youth are plugged into MusiquePlus. This French-language network delivers a constant flow of dynamic music videos and reports on contemporary culture. 

Musimax - Montreal

Le Pop-Corn Geant $13.95/mo.

Super Écran 1,2,3 - Montreal
Canada's only source for French-language, uncut, commercial-free movies and series. See Hollywood blockbusters on Super Écran's two channels and the best movies from Canada and around the world. 



Vu! - Bell ExpressVu's very own Pay-Per-View Service 

Currently the largest and first Pay-Per-View (PPV) service of its kind in Canada, Vu! Offers: 

Up to 12 movie choices per day in English 
Up to eight French movie choices every day 


Check channel 700 - the Vu! Preview channel for program information and the on-screen guide for program start times.
10 Things I Hate About You - December 3
Life - December 3
Convergence - December 13
The Blair Witch Project - December 21
Notting Hill - December 23
Cookies Fortune - December 27
Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me - December 31

Vu! includes pay-per-title and pay-per-day, as well as sports and other event programming available on a seasonal basis. Current Bell ExpressVu subscribers can preview what's on Vu! on Channel 150 (French) and Channel 700 (English). 

The Cost 
First-run PPV movies: $3.95 
Kids: $1.95/30minutes; $2.95/hour or $3.95/movie 
Special events and seasonal programming are priced individually 
VENUS adult movies: $6.95/movie or $14.95/day (Extasy & True Blue 24 hour channels only-12:00
p.m.-11:59 a.m.) 

How to Order 
* Movies, children's, foreign and adult programming can be ordered on 'impulse' using the Bell ExpressVu remote control. 
* You must be connected to a phone line to order, however you can use the same line as your telephone simply by using a splitter - it will not interfere with your telephone service. 
* Current Bell ExpressVu subscribers can check the On-screen Program Guide for start times and press
INFO on your remote control for more details about each title. 
* For NHL Centre Ice call 1-800-882-9202 
* For The Racing Network-Canada call 1-800-882-1241

Segments of Fashion TV, the first and only television channel in the world entirely dedicated to fashion are now available on Vu!. Straight from Paris, Fashion TV highlights the best moments in haute couture and prêt à porter catwalks. 

Beginning November 15 and throughout December, segments of Fashion TV air three times/day on Bell ExpressVu. Subscribers can order it for $3.95/show with a simple click of the Bell ExpressVu remote control.

NHL Centre Ice on Bell ExpressVu's Pay-Per-View service 

Bell ExpressVu is pleased to be the "Official Digital TV Service of the NHL in Canada." 

Get ready for the 1999/2000 NHL season on Bell ExpressVu! The NHL Centre Ice Hockey package debuted on our new PPV service across Canada on October 30th and will continue until the Stanley Cup playoffs. Watch more than 800 games this season for only $199*. 

NHL Centre Ice games are over and above the games you already get when you subscribe to Bell ExpressVu's Locals package, Sports package or L'entrée package. 

NHL Centre Ice Schedule on Bell ExpressVu: 

November 1999 
December 1999 

Current Bell ExpressVu subscribers simply call 1-800-882-9202 to order and have your Bell ExpressVu account number ready. Tune into Bell ExpressVu Channel 403 for more information. 

* 1999/2000 residential rate only. 

NHL blackouts and other restrictions apply. Subscription to Bell ExpressVu's Sports package is a pre-requisite to NHL Centre Ice. You must have a phone line continuously connected to your Bell ExpressVu system receiver to be eligible for NHL Centre Ice. Subscribers to NHL Centre Ice maintain   their subscription unless they call to cancel prior to the start of the following season. There are no refunds within a season. The subscription fee is payable annually, and continuing subscribers will receive NHL  Centre Ice at a reduced rate. By purchasing NHL Centre Ice from Bell ExpressVu, you acknowledge and agree that there are no refunds available on the package whatsoever. You will be billed in a single, lump sum payment, on your Bell ExpressVu statement. Residential pricing for 1999/2000 only. Commercial locations require appropriate license agreement. NHL, the NHL Shield, CENTRE ICE and Stanley Cup are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. NHL and team marks are the property of the NHL and its teams. ©NHL 1999. All Rights Reserved. 

The Racing Network Canada on Bell ExpressVu's Pay-Per-View service 

FREE for the month of November on Bell ExpressVu! 

Canadian horse racing fans can access as many as 80 standardbred and thoroughbred races each day with TRN Canada on Bell ExpressVu's PPV service. 

TRN Canada on Bell ExpressVu includes both the Live Race Channel and the Live Odds Channel. The Live Race Channel offers 12 hours of live thoroughbred and standardbred horse racing from up to 10 North American racetracks daily. The Live Odds Channel displays live host track odds, probables and results information on all the tracks carried on the Live Race Channel 12 hours a day. 

To order TRN-Canada, current Bell ExpressVu residential subscribers can call 1-800-882-1241. 

After that, residential subscribers can receive TRN Canada on Bell ExpressVu's PPV service for $24.99 per month or they can purchase a longer term package for $249.99 a year. 

Adult Pay-Per-View 

Our adult PPV service, VENUS, is the first 24-hour-a-day adult entertainment service available in Canada. All Bell ExpressVu systems have a Parental Control Lock-out feature that can prevent unauthorized viewing of any channel by minors. Current Bell ExpressVu subscribers can order the VENUS preview channel for more information about VENUS programming for $1/month (free if you already subscribe to After Hours package). VENUS adult movies: $6.95/movie or $14.95/day (Extasy & True Blue 24 hour channels only-12:00 p.m.-11:59 a.m.) 

More New Channels 

On the heels of the launch of Vu!, our own Pay-Per-View service, Bell ExpressVu has also added the following new channels to our service: 

Access - The Education Station, CJOH-TV - Ottawa, CBRT-TV - Calgary, Prime West, Q107 Radio - Toronto, CKAC-AM - Montreal, CJAD - Montreal, Classical 96 FM - Toronto. 

Enjoy the Most Freedom with Bell ExpressVu! 

Time Shifter: Watch Your Favourite Shows at Your Convenience
Because of different time zones, prime time shows start at up to five different times every night. Use the Time Shifter to catch them when you can. 

Vacation Planner: "Don't Pay While You're Away."
Why pay for programming if you're not watching it. When you plan to be away for two weeks or more, call us and we'll temporarily suspend your service FREE of charge. Some restrictions apply. 

Vu Magazine: All You Need to Know
Bell ExpressVu's monthly guide gives you all the TV listings and information you need to know about our services. To subscribe for $4.50 per month, call 1-888-SKY-DISH. 


Activate now and get a $100 Programming Credit
For a limited time, automatically receive a $100 programming credit when you subscribe to The Works, Le Spécial Gros Appétits or Le Spécial Gros Appétits de luxe. Applies to new activations only and customers choosing our Teletech option are not eligible. This offer expires June 30, 2000.